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What's Happening Week of 8/15/22

Reminder: The dojang is closed from 8/15-8/19.

We will resume classes on Saturday 8/20. Please sign up for a class if you would like to come then and are not regularly scheduled at this time.

DEADLINE to sign up 8/17- MEPOWERMENT FUN WEEK is August 22-26. We have not had much response for this event. Therefore, if you are interested in joining us, we will need to know no later than Wednesday 8/17.

We will need a minimum of 8 participants to run the program. The week is open to ages 5-12 years and features TKD, Acrobatics and Master Steven will be introducing TKD Tricking!

Tricking is a blend of acrobatic elements from styles like wushu, taekwondo and capoeira with gymnastics tumbing training. “Tricking” is short for “martial arts tricking,” the unique movement discipline which blends kicks derived from martial arts with gymnastics or abstract acrobatic techniques. It embodies the fantasy of the movie or video game “ninja,” who has mastered the martial arts and the body so fully that flips and spins have become simple- sort of an obtainable superpower.

Each day starts at 9AM and ends at 12:30PM. Bring a snack and your lunch. (Friday is Pizza Party). For ages 5-12 years. Open to all so tell your friends! Cost $399. Contact us to reserve your spot. Deadline is Wednesday 8/17.

Fall Memberships resume 9/1/22. We are looking forward to seeing everyone back on the mat!

The schedule is as follows: Thursday 9/1- 4:00 Thunder, 4:30 Rising Tornado, 5:15 Tornado/Hurricane Mid-Hi Belts, 6:00 Demo Dance Team, 6:40 Teen/Adult

Friday 9/2- 4:00 Thunder, 4:30 Rising Tornado, 5:15 Tornado/Hurricane All Belts

Saturday 9/3 CLOSED

Monday 9/5 CLOSED

Tuesday 9/6- FALL/WINTER 2022 Schedule begins.

Please email us with your Fall class choices NOW (there are a few classes that are full or almost full) if you haven’t done so yet, so your reoccurring schedule can be set up in the system.

Click here to see the schedule that begins 9/6.


In an effort to encourage and facilitate completion of makeup classes, missed classes may be completed within 3 months.

In order to be eligible for a makeup class, students must cancel their class reservation on the Wellness Living Achieve App at least 3 hours before your class time during the week or by 8pm on Friday for Saturday classes.

This offers other students the chance to sign up for their makeups and in turn gives you/your child the same opportunity. Late or no cancellation will be considered a no show.

Your missed class(es) will rollover to the next week and will continue to do so for 3 months. After which time, the makeup window will expire.

We WANT every student to have the opportunity and remember to receive their full training time; therefore, everyone’s collective cooperation is important for this to happen. Thank you for your understanding.

DEMO TEAM- WE WANT YOU! If you would like to join our amazing Demonstration Team, please speak to Master Helen.

This enrichment experience is a wonderful empowering opportunity for our champions to develop your understanding of time commitment and dedication to the team, while learning new TKD skills to strengthening your self-confidence through all our public performance opportunities.

The General Team practice (open to all levels) is on Wednesdays at 5:05PM and the Demo Core Dance Team practice (by approval) is on Thursdays at 5:30PM.

There is no extra cost for these classes (except for the demo uniform). However, your commitment to the practices, rehearsals and the main performances is mandatory. These include- Pride in Port, Party in the Park, Asian American Festival, Harborfest, and other martial arts tournaments & festivals.

Happy Birthday wishes to Emma L., Frankie G., and Eve L.

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