Cyclones Acrobatics

The Program

The Cyclone Acrobatics program began as a supplement to our martial arts program. It is a non competitive environment designed to build "mepowerment" in every student.

It has since opened up to anyone interested in learning and developing tumbling techniques. We have groups for kids 6-12 years, as well as, teens/adults.


Starting with the necessary foundations of flexibility and overall strength, students learn and master their basic tumbling skills – such as bridges, rolls, headstands, handstands, cartwheels and round-offs. As each student becomes proficient enough at a skill, they progress to more advanced ones.

Limited class size of 10 students/class ensures not only necessary social distancing, but also plenty of individual attention, so each student has an opportunity to improve. As in our martial arts program, all acrobatic students wear a training attire.

(Currently masks are also required).


The studio is fully matted and equipped with a crash mat, air track, springboard, low beam, and other essential training tools.


The Instructors

Our head coach, Steven Ayoung, is a former gymnast who inspires the students to keep challenging themselves.  In addition to teaching our acrobats, he currently works with stunt professionals who double in action films and shows, including Black Panther and The Punisher.


Our assistant coaches are talented varsity gymnastics and/or cheerleaders who bring their knowledge and enthusiasm to the mat. They are wonderful, empowering role models.


Under the guidance of these instructors, students are motivated to work hard, improve and progress while having fun.


The Sessions

During the school year, this program runs in two 16- week sessions. Session 1- Fall/Winter and Session 2- Winter/Spring. There is also a shorter summer session from end June-August.

No classes during school breaks or holidays.

There is an annual registration fee of $50 which renews in September for Non-TaekwonDo students and a school training attire.


To sign up for an available spot or for more information, please contact us here