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TAEKWONDO is a sport and a way of life.

The Blue Moon TaeKwonDo martial arts program is the most innovative program in the country. It is not just about kicking and punching, rather, it is designed as a comprehensive program that will help and support your child as a whole person.

As each age group is very specific in ability and needs, we focus on those key developmental and life skills that will benefit them in their training and after they leave the mat and interact at home, school and in social circles.    

Our exceptional “Champions of Life” curriculum is open to students from age 3 1/2 through adults. From beginners to black belts, everyone is taught the proper technique of Poomsae (forms), kicking and sparring, along with, the fundamentals for a strengthened sense of self (self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-respect) that redefines our ability to face and grow from challenging situations.

To sign up for an available spot or for more information, please contact us here

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