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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Choose Blue Moon Martial Arts?


NO long term contracts!

The studio is CLEAN!!!

It’s hard but it’s FUN!

How old do I need to be to start TaeKwonDo at Blue Moon Martial Arts?

Students starting at age 3.5 years may join our new student trial membership. Before signing up, kids

under 5 come in for a 15 minute one-on-one lesson to make sure they are ready.


What is TKD?


TKD is an abbreviation for TaeKwonDo

Which Taekwondo group is right for is my child?

Classes are grouped by age and belt level. However, as they progress, students are moved to different

classes based on what is the best training environment for them.

Little Thunder 3.5-4.5 years

Thunder 4.5-5.5 years

Rising Tornado 5.5-6.5 years

Tornado- 7-9 years

Hurricane- 10-13 years

Teen/Adult- 14 years +


CLICK HERE for group details


CLICK HERE for class schedule


Do I have to keep a credit card on file?


Yes. We require an up to date credit card information to be in your profile so that billing runs smoothly.

You can add/manage/update it via your account on the app (Wellness Living Achieve)

When will I get billed?

You will pay for your New Student Special upon sign up. After that, you will be billed on the first of the

month. Your account will be credited to prorate classes if you enroll in the middle of the month.


Are there make up classes for Taekwondo students?

We have an open makeup policy, which means any missed classes can be made up through August

before the next school year.

In order to be eligible for a makeup:

1. You must cancel your missed class by noon the day of or by Friday 6pm for Saturday class

or you will be marked as no show.

2. Your membership must be active at the time of the makeup class. You cannot sign up or attend a

makeup if your membership is on hold.


Are there make up classes for Cyclones Acrobatics classes?

There are no refunds or carryovers for missed acrobatics classes. However, you have the opportunity to

attend a TKD class (age/level appropriate) as a makeup. Contact us to schedule a TKD makeup class.

Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes. We allow a one time hold per year for a minimum of one month for Bronze and Silver monthly

members. (For example-July and August, if you will be away for the summer). We require a written

request 2 weeks prior to the start of the hold.

There are no holds for Gold and Black Belt yearly contracts.

How do I tie my belt?


What do the stripes on the belt mean?

Link to stripe chart


What do the belt colors mean?

Link to belt colors


When will I have a Belt Promotion Test?

Students must attend a minimum of 20 classes for lo-belts (white-hi orange) and more as they progress to

the mid and hi belt levels.

Students must have earned all their stripes, show strong understanding and ability to demonstrate the

required skills for the next belt level and pass the parent evaluation to be approved to take their test.

We have promotion tests every month.

Is there a fee for belt tests?

Yes. The fee varies by belt level.

Is there an App that I can use to manage my account?

Yes there is! You can download the WellnessLiving Achieve App to manage all of your information and

your schedule. It’s quick and convenient.

Can I enroll any time?

Yes, our program has a rolling enrollment.


What is the expected behavior for students in class?

It is our belief that you have chosen martial arts for your child to become more respectful,

focused, and confident, in addition to physically active. These are invaluable character traits

and admirable goals that can’t be acquired simply through fun and games.

To grow in these areas, we expect and require our students to:

1. -respect the dojang, teachers and peers

2. -exhibit their best effort in every class

3. -respect parents, family members and teachers at school

4. -show positive behavior in the community

We stand by our ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind.

for a complete description, click here (about us page)


Can I wear socks?

No socks are not permitted during training due to the slippery unsafe footing on the mat.


What is the proper dress code?

Our school uniform and belt is a required and important component of your TKD training, It should be

clean and presentable. If you wish to wear a layering shirt underneath, it should be white or black.

No hanging clothing, jewelry or loose long hair. Your MePowerment starts with self-respect for your



Weekly sparring training is open and required for Hi-Orange belts and higher (minimum 7 years old).

We have a detailed list of sparring rules to ensure safety of all which each student and parent must agree

to and is strictly enforced.

All students must have their own approved sparring gear in good condition. Sparring gear is sized and

ordered through Blue Moon. There is no extra charge for sparring class but the class size is limited.

Demonstration Team


We are very proud of our demonstration team and the performances which we attend throughout the

year. These include- Pride in Port, Party in The Park, Asian American Festival and Harborfest. We also

participate in community service with performances at local senior residences and afterschool programs.

Members are by invitation and must make a commitment to attend weekly practices, rehearsals prior to

events and the actual events. Students must have a demo team uniform. There is a nominal participation

charge/event which goes towards helping sponsor students with financial needs.

Competitive Team.


Students will be chosen to compete in specific tournaments throughout the year. They may compete in

either sparring, poomsae (forms) or breaking events or a combination of any of them. Tournament and

coach’s fees are determined by event.

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