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FIGHT FIT Self Defense

FIGHT FIT Self Defense

ANYONE CAN BE A TARGET! In this day of politically and racially charged violence, a working knowledge of practical self defense skills is vital to everyone- especially (but not limited to) seniors, commuting women, high school and college women or anyone who regularly finds themselves in potentially compromising situations.


Our FIGHT FIT Self Defense course trains you to become both physically stronger and mentally prepared. Students learn and PRACTICE simple yet important moves to extricate themselves from an attack. They also become comfortable with using everyday items- such as pens, scissors, keys, umbrellas,etc, to thwart a bad situation.


We have taught women and men of all different age groups self-defense techniques and have run seminars for the Herricks Chinese Association and the Town of North Hempstead.


To get this program going, we need a minimum of 6 committed participants.

If you are interested to being part of this class or forming your own group, please contact us here

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