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What is Champions of Life?

The Mission, Training & Discipline.

“Be honest. Be brave. Be kind. Be grateful.”

OUR “MePowerment” MISSION

     To develop true “champions of life” spirit where both the physical and philosophical teachings of TaeKwonDo guide our students to become self-empowered, compassionate individuals with the skills to grow through adversity, believe in themselves and realize their potential.


     We firmly stand behind the power of grit and resilience – the mindset that will see your child through every challenge they may face in life. Bullying will never end; setbacks will unexpectedly happen; goals will evade us despite our best efforts. Our children will need the tools to deal with these situations now and through adulthood.


      We want our champions to develop their own grit to persevere through all of life’s unfair situations- from judgmental peers to demanding bosses to real life losses and frustrations of all kinds. Rather than impulsively reacting from fear, they will learn to respond with the mental resilience to land on their feet and move forward in a productive manner.


     The goal of our TaeKwonDo teaching is to strengthen these qualities and more. Students with “me-powerment” stand firm in what they believe (Be Honest), face challenges and the unknown (Be Brave), become up-standers, not bystanders, who are compassionate to the needs of others for no personal gain (Be Kind), and can always find things for which they are thankful (Be Grateful).




     Your child has been carefully evaluated and placed in a class where they will be appropriately challenged and thrive as an individual and as part of their collective group. We alternate class instructors to give your child the opportunity to learn and develop from the unique talents and styles of each teacher.


    Under the guidance of our black belt masters, students are taught the proper technique of Poomsae (forms), kicking/punching, breaking and weapons,

sparring/self defense and meditation/mindfulness.  From this training which comes discipline, endurance, confidence, focus determination, respect, inner balance and perspective.


     Students build a positive sense of themselves- self-empowerment, self-confidence and self-respect from within, through our achievement-based curriculum. As your child progresses, they face the next bar to reach. We then challenge and guide them to strive to meet these new expectations.




     Martial Arts is not a seasonal or recreational activity. It is a whole way of living- spiritually, mentally and physically.


     It is our belief that you have chosen martial arts for your child to become more respectful, focused and confident, in addition to physically active. These are invaluable character traits and admirable goals that can’t be acquired simply through fun and games.


     To grow in these areas, we expect and require our students to:

  1. -respect the dojang, teachers and peers

  2. -exhibit their best effort in every class

  3. -respect parents, family members and teachers at school

  4. -show positive behavior in the community

          We stand by our ZERO tolerance for bullying of any kind.


      Students are recognized for their skill and personal achievement. We do not give out participation awards. Every belt, stripe, star, patch and spoken praise is EARNED and has value and significance.


     There are times when a student struggles or is unaware that they are falling short in these areas. As their martial arts teachers, we identify and help improve this behavior. 

In these situations, after repeated verbal correction, a student may have to sit out, lose a stripe or belt, or have an upcoming promotion test postponed. The master will speak to the student after class, sometimes with a parent, so that they understand their responsibility and what can be done to rectify the situation and earn back any relinquished item.


     While some parents may feel this is “mean” or embarrassing for their child, we look at it as an invaluable teachable moment. This uncomfortable lesson gives the child the opportunity to realize how attitude and behavior can hurt them and negatively impact the rest of the class. We see time and time again how this has helped our champions assume control of their own behavior and interactions off the mat at school, home, and in social circles.


     We are here to support your unconditional love for your children and your efforts to empower them for their future ahead. As a part of their journey, we will always do our best to instill the Champions of Life spirit.

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