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HAPPY NEW YEAR! We hope you all enjoyed time off with family and friends.

We look forward to sharing 2024 with you. Let’s set our intentions for this year and be kind to ourselves  as we take (baby) steps to our goals.


Skill of the Week is Self Defense



This week only

1-NO DEMO PRACTICES ON WED AND THURS. Weekly practice resumes next week 1/10 at 5:15 and 1/11 at 6:15.

2-Thursday 1/4- Teen/Adult will be at 6:30-7:30PM


Other Winter 24 updates

1-Our final 4 week adult Self Defense class begins Thursday 1/4 at 1PM.

It will run on 1/4, 1/11, 1/18 and 1/25. The cost is $159.

If you are interested in joining, please contact us to sign up asap!

2-The Friday Tornado/Hurricane will start 10 minutes later- new time is 5:40-6:25 starting this Friday 1/5/24.


Do you like to perform? Join our TKD Demo Team!

TKD students- If you are interested in joining our fantastic Demonstration Team, please speak to Master Helen or Master Steven.

In demo team, we work on lots of different TKD and acrobatic skills and incorporate them into the choreography we perform at the exciting events at throughout the year.

We invited you to come to our next practice on Wednesday 1/10 at 5:15PM to try it out.

More advanced students, who are interested in joining the Demo Dance Team, can check it out on Thursday 1/11 at 6:15PM.



Looking for something fun to learn and do?

We are planning a special No School Workshop on 1/15 from 10-2PM incorporating all the skills we love to learn and do! Please keep a look out for a separate email about it this week.


Bring a Buddy to Class

You’re invited to bring a buddy to your class on 1/15/24.Classes that day will be open to all belts. There is still limited space in each class, so your guest is invited on a “space permitting” basis.

If you have a friend you’d like to bring to class, please provide us with the child’s name and email so we can put them in your class and send/receive the signed waiver back by the parent.


Happy Birthday wishes to: Riley C., Chase S., Maya H., Xavier D., Ariraj R., Max K., Reyna L., Madeline F. and Liam B.


We, your teachers, will continue to dedicate our work to helping our students develop a strong sense of respect, consideration and the power of grit and resilience in a caring environment 

As always, if we can support you in any specific way, please let me know. 

Let the New Year begin on the mat!

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