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What's Happening Week of 3-4-24

Skill of the Week is Poomsae and Discipline

March Promotion Test

Congratulations to all our champions who promoted on Saturday!

Group 1- Ben C., Samara S., Colin H., Jack R., Aiden O., Ariraj R., Giulia M., Ryan H.,

                 Marla K. Jackson J.

Group 2- Ethan A., Benjamin C., Bradley K., Matthew K., Sophie W., Dustin L., Skylar L,

                 Taylor L., Olivia L., Brooke L., Ethan S., Evie S.

Group 3-  Brody B.,Eli P.,Aaron H., Kai H.,Xavier D., Hailey H., Matthew M.

Next promotion test date is April 6th. Candidates will be notified to save the date in about 2 weeks. Everyone keep training!


Upcoming Events

Saturday March 23rd Interschool Tournament at TEAM US TKD

This is an ideal competition for all belts to be get (more) experience in this area. Whether you are a novice or already have experience, we highly recommend and encourage you to partipate in the Poomsae and Breaking events, plus sparring for all students who currently attend sparring class.

It will also be great for the whole family to enjoy and cheer you on!

Click here for the location and schedule information

click here for the sign up form

Or you can pick up hard copies when you come in.

Monday April 1st- MePowerment Workshop 10am-2pm for ages 6 years and up.                                                                       Details coming!

                      plus Bring a Buddy to TKD class. Pre signup and waiver required.

(No Cyclones Acrobatix classes on 4/1).

Happy Birthday wishes to Layla S., Max K., Vincent F., Aaron H., Kai L. and  Mel Y.



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