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What's Happening Week of 3/14/22

Skill of the Week is Breaking and Confidence

Congratulations to our champions who promoted on Saturday! Group 1-George M., Grant L., Jack R., Logan L., Lucy R., Megan L. Group 2- Ashleigh A., Brody B., Chloe J., Gavin L, Luke S., Mia S., Nicholas H., Ruby L. Group 3- Caroline P, Isabel D., Jake K. Lucas C., Paxin J., Siena C., Tessa F.

Mask Optional begins March 14th As before, please do not attend class is you are experiencing covid related symptoms or have been exposed to anyone who has tested positive.

Wear Green on St. Patty’s Day March 16th! Students who are coming to class on Thursday are invited to wear a green top or accessory to class.


New Schedule/More classes begins March 21st We are growing and you are progressing! We need to ensure that everyone is getting the best instruction at all levels. Please see the following details below.

Wednesday-NO CHANGE 3PM/3:40/4:30 classes 5:15-6:00 TORNADO GREEN-HI BLUE



6:40-7:25 DEMO ALL TEAM

7:30-8:15 TEEN/ADULT KICKBOXING (12 years- Adult)

Thursday- NO CHANGE FOR 3:30/4:15/5PM & all Cyclone Acrobatix classes NEW! 5:45-6:15 TOR/HUR SPARRING

NEW! 6:30-7:15 HURRICANE (Wht-Hi Orange)

NEW! 7:15-8:00 Training for RED/BLACK Belt Promotion Candidates

Saturday- NO CHANGE FOR 9AM/9:45/10:45/11:30/12:15 classes NEW! 1:00-1:30PM TEEN/ADULT SPARRING


If you would like to switch to any of these classes, please let us know. Students directly affected have been notified under a separate email.

Happy Birthday wishes to: Madeline B., Grant L., Ilana M., Ruby G. Matthew M., Carter N., Juliette F., James S., Elliot H. Josh L.

Thank you and see you on the mat!

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