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What's Happening Week of 10-17-22

SKILL OF THE WEEK is Kicking and Endurance

CONGRATULATIONS to our champions who promoted on Saturday!

Group 1-Scarlett R., Sebastian C., Camila T., Connor X., Charlotte L, Grayson L., Alivia A., Logan L., James S., Cole R., Lincoln R.

Group 2- Max W., Lauren K., Max K., Ava P., Eli P., Ruby L., Gavin L., Ivana R., Chloe J., Charley C., Aaron H., Zachary B., Madison W., Kai H., Leo M.

Group 3-Michael A., Mia S., Luke S., Amea Kay H., Nicholas H., Jonah L., Eva T., Ethan T., Riley C., Jamie B., Jacob L.

Wonderful job by all of you!

TKD UNIFORM – Time to pack away your training shirt and shorts. Please return to your regular uniform (or hoodie). Remember- your layering shirt should be white or black.


For the remainder of October, we will be talking about this problem and learning about ways we can become better UPSTANDERS when we witness bullying situations.

UNITY DAY is Wednesday 10/19. Everyone is invited to wear something ORANGE (ie TOP, HAIR BOW, BRACELET) to show our support of bullying prevention through kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Other Upcoming Happenings Monday 10/24- DROP IN ACROBATICS at 3:30 and 4:15PM.Open to all 6 years and up. Limited spots so RSVP soon and tell your friends!

Saturday 10/29 HALLOWEEN PARTY 6-7:30PM. Our big annual event is coming! Pick your treat and sign up to attend.

There will be food, games, costume contest and our annual awards!

Happy Birthday wishes to Ethan A., Alex M., Giovanna b., Sebastian C., Ethan T. and also to Master Moon!

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