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What's Happening Week of 9-25-23

Skill of the Week is Kicking and Endurance

PRIDE IN PORT Thank you to all of you who planned to participate in Pride in Port with Blue Moon on Saturday. It was a big disappointment for all, especially since a rain date was not possible.

A special shout out to our demo team members who have dedicated their time and effort all year around to prepare for these wonderful events. Your commitment to the team and the improvement you have all made is truly commendable.

YOM KIPPUR- MONDAY 9/28- We have regularly scheduled TKD classes. Great day to get off your i-devices and come in for makeup classes too! There are NO acrobatics classes.

CLASSES FOR GROWNUPS FIGHT FIT K-BOXING- has begun! It's on Wednesdays at 7:40PM. If you are interested (14 year-adult) in joining, please contact us! click here for details:

FIGHT FIT SELF DEFENSE- begins this Thursday at 1PM. It is an 8 week session for adults. If you are interested in joining, please contact us! click here for details

MIDDAY ADULT TKD- begins Monday 10/2 at 1PM, If you are interested in joining this class, please contact us! click here for details:


Instructor Zeppy’s 3rd Birthday Fundraiser Party

Friday October 6th 6:30-8PM. Pizza, cupcakes, games and zeppy-fun

$25 donation to benefit Rescue City New York

Sign up to come. Only a few spots left!


Sunday October 15th at Blumenfeld Family Park (next door at the Landmark).

We will have a booth and our demo team will be performing at 2PM.

Please come to cheer them on and enjoy all the festivities at this fun filled family event.

Blue Moon Hallowe’en Gala 2023!!

Saturday October 28th 5:30-7PM

Costume Contest. Potluck Delights. Games. Champion of Life Awards. Goody bags

Happy Birthday wishes to Alexandra B., Emma S., Jennifer Y., George L., Charlotte M. & Oliver A.

Wishing those of you observing Yom Kippur and easy fast.

Thank you and see you on the mat!

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