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What's Happening Week of 6-19-23

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Skill of the Week is Kicking and Endurance

This is the last week of our Spring schedule (Wow, that went fast!)

Please see the attached summer schedule and let us know when you will be attending.

Your class times are later to accommodate the bus return from camp.

If you are on regular hold, please email us to get your 4 Anytime Class Pack.

Once you get into your summer routine, you can come anytime to keep up your skills over July and August.

Click here for the summer schedule:

It’s NOT too late to join our cool summer programs!!

Acro-Tricking 3 Day Workshops-

The first one is running Monday 6/26-6/28 from 9AM-12PM. Let’s still room to join!

Click here for details and other session dates throughout the summer.

Cyclones Acrobatix 7 Week Session-

Starting 6/26, this class meets on Mondays at 5:15 or 6PM. For ages 6-12 years old.

Click her for more info:

For Teens and Adults

Special Self-Defense/K-Boxing session with Master Steven. ESPECIALLY for all your grads heading off to college, but important for EVERYONE! Starts Wednesday June 28 at 7:30PM.

Click here for dates and sign up details.

Mid-day Adult TKD Session

Take a break and train with us on Mondays at 12PM in our cool dojang!

This a 6 week session that starts on 7/10.

Click here for details!

Looking ahead to Fall 2023 DON’ T DELAY! Cyclone Acrobatics- We are now offering available spots to our TKD students who would like to add acrobatics to their training. As you know we have a wait list for this program and give priority to our current martial arts students who have been with us for a minimum of one year. We believe acrobatics provides a valuable enhancement to your skills. Our students who currently participate in both show that each discipline is a solid complement to the progress of the other.

Please let us know by July 3rd if you would like to join before open registration begins.

Early Bird Fall ’23 Special - TKD

Sign up for September by 8/1/23 and Get a complimentary training shirt or 50% off a new white uniform. You do not need to decide on your actual class day/time yet, and you can select your item anytime through December 31st.

New for Fall ’23!!- Acro-Tricking

We are excited to be working on the creation of a tricking program for both our TKD and Cyclone students who would like to take their respective abilities to the next level.

Tricking, the combination of dynamic martial arts techniques with acrobatic tricks,

is the foundation of the exciting performances seen in demonstrations and competitions by the K-Tigers and stunt/action scenes as seen performed by Anais Almonte in Disney’s She Hulk and Gui DaSilva-Greene in Black Panther (both personally trained by Master Steven).

If you are interested in more information, please let us know!


Tuesday July 4th

Monday August 28 through Labor Day, Monday September 4th.

Happy Birthday wishes to Lucas C., Reese U., and Pia L.

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