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What's Happening Week of 6/13/22

Skill of the Week is Kicking and Endurance

Congratulations to our TKD champions who promoted on Saturday!

Group 1- Oliver W., Mason T., Preston K., Luca G., Cara K., Oz S., Hannah M., Dylan D., Rexin J.

Group 2-Alex H., Imri A., Gabriella G., Frankie G., Juliette F., Cooper S., Max K., Leo K.

Group 3- Andy S. Mia S., Luke S., Kiran C., Xavier D., Eva T., Ethan T., Hailey H.


FRIDAY 6/17- Please join us in wishing our seven Jr Black Belt Candidates all the best on their upcoming promotion test!

SATURDAY 6/18- FRIENDSHIP FESTIVAL! Looking forward to seeing our champions at this “Friendly” with the students from NYBBC and Strong Martial Arts! Please have your best TKD manners on when meeting Grandmaster Lee, Masters James Lee and Joe Lupo and all the other black belts!


Congratulations to our Cyclones who put on an amazing showcase on Sunday!

Special mention to the award winners for:

Leadership: Jordan R., Emma S., Caroline P., Emily S., Jooah K.,

Eve L., Maya D., Kelly K., Olivia H.

Sportsmanship: Aryn L., Maya H., Ava B., Addison S., Ruby L., Corinne C.,

Katherine S., Hannah M.

Most Improved: Alivia A., Brigitta R., Corinne A., Sydney F., Giovanna B., Saya G., Flint B.,

Jonah L.

Those of you who missed the showcase may stop by for their certificate (and trophy for award recipients).


Please be sure to submit your completed Fall sign up forms to confirm your spot for the Fall session. We don’t want anyone to be disappointed!

Any unconfirmed spaces will be available to new and waitlisted students starting June 15th.

Special Skills Clinic with guest coach Skylar Oh

One day only- Thursday June 23rd from 4:30-6:00PM If you would like to take part in this very special class, please let us know asap. LIMITED SPOTS


1. TKD students-

IF YOU ARE GOING ON HOLD for July and August- you must email us by June 15th.

IF YOU ARE STAYING LOCAL- we highly recommend our 4 anytime class pack so you can train at least 4 times over the summer (and complete any makeups).

ALL MAKEUPS must be completed by June 30th ( or August 31st for active summer students).


~Monday Summer Acrobatix – Open to all 6-12 years

Join us in our cool studio for six weeks of acrobatics training and fun!

Classes are at 5:15 and 6:15PM.

~3 Day Acrobatix Workshops- every week Tues-Thurs 9-12:30PM for ages 6-12 years.

Every session that has a minimum of 6 participants will run for those 3 half days!


Join us August 22-26 for our end of the summer fun! Monday -Friday 9AM-12:30PM

See the website “Summer” for details or just ask!

Happy Birthday wishes to: Madison W., Grant L., Daria A., Miley G., Nathan L., Zavier L.

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