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What's Happening Week of 4-3-23

Skill of the Week is Weapons and MePowerment

Sparring Seminar with Master Christina Suh Thank you to everyone who joined us for this amazing experience taught by Master Christian Suh of High Performance Martial Arts and to his assistants Skye and Cooper. The new skills you learned and the practice with the Daedo equipment will improve your own sparring tremedously!

SPRING BREAK- Let’s do something new! Introducing our first ever Acrobatix-Tricking Workshop. So if you are looking for something FUN to do, be sure to join us! This is a 3-Day Workshop on APRIL 11-13 (Tuesday-Thursday) 12:15-2:45PM For ages 6-12 years. Open to all so tell your friends! Click here for details: All regularly scheduled TKD classes will be happening. Great time to book makeup classes! No Cyclone Acrobatix classes on 4/6, 4/10 and 4/13. Uniforms TKD Training Shirts- the warm weather is (kind of) here! It’s time to pull out your short sleeve training shirt if you’d like to wear it to class. If you want one or need a new one, please see the front desk. Cyclones- ~Thank you for all of you who have been cooperating and coming in the training attire. We need everyone to do so as required, but also so we can take proper pictures for our brochure, website, Facebook and Instagram. ~ We will be ordering school Soffe shorts for the warmer months ahead. If you are interested in getting a pair, please let Coach Natalie know so she can get your size. ~Our year-end showcase on June 11th will be here before you know it! Please make sure you have your training shirt and leggings (or shorts) now. Coach Natalie will be sending out the show time schedule shortly!

Happy Birthday wishes to Miranda S., Matteo D., Rexin J., Rose G., Jamie B., & Devin C.

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