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What's Happening Week of 3/7/22

Skill of the Week is Kicking and Endurance

Keeping up with Covid

Thank you for your co-operation and support of our mask required until March 14th.

After that, masks will be optional for regular class, however, we will make a determination about masks for TKD sparring classes later this week.

Uniform Dress Code

If you wish to wear layering items under your uniform, the top should be white or black, and bottoms should not be hanging below your pant hem. Your neat appearance is important to your respect for your training and rank.

Cyclone Acrobats should also come to class in your proper performance top and leggings with your hair neatly tied back.

For safety, please remove any watches, bulky bracelets and necklaces before class.

Promotion Test Reminders

Champions who are testing on 3/12/22 should not miss class. There is a review on Wednesday at 6:30.

Please make sure you have your parents’ approval for your black stripe and have prepared your oral answer for the test.

Please come in your white long sleeve uniform (no training shirts) and a white (optional) layering top. Long hair should be neatly tied back.

Lost and Found

We have a growing collection of clothing that has been left behind. Please check the coat rack and basket for any items that might belong to you.

Happy Birthday wishes to Aaron H., Mel Y., Will and Louisa S., Mia B., and Eva T.

Thank you!

See you on the mat

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