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What's Happening Week of 3-13-23

Skill of the Week is Breaking and Confidence

SPECIAL SPARRING SEMINAR with Master Christian Suh Sunday April 2 10AM-12PM Open to all green belts and up. Required for all Black Belts. Equipment required. If you are not a green belt, but really want to participate, please let Master Mack know. (We have some equipment available on a first sign up, first served basis). Cost $85. Please sign up by 3/20/23. Click here for details:

This month’s promotion test is Saturday 3/18. There is an optional review class on Wednesday at 6:45pm. The 5:30PM high belt test will end with a special Kukkiwon Black Belt certificate presentation.

***Schedule Updates for Tornado/Hurricanes Mid-Hi Belts As our champions progress, our goal is to continuously provide the best instruction for your skill level. With the upcoming promotion test, we are looking forward to having several students move up to the mid and high belt levels.

Starting 3/20/23, please note the following changes: Tuesday 6:45PM- New class! Tornado/Hurricane Sparring immediately following the 6:00PM regular class. Wednesday 6:00PM- will be for Tornado/Hurricane Green-Hi-Blue ONLY (followed by sparring as before). 6:45PM- No change- remains Tornado/Hurricane Sparring (Green-Black) 7:30PM- will be for Tornado/Hurricane Purple-Black ONLY (immediately after your sparring at 6:45PM) *If you cannot attend at this time, you can switch to the appropriate class on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Happy Birthday wishes to Eva T., Madeline B., Wilhelmina H., Ilana M., James S., Emma Lin., Matthew M. and Carter N.

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