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What's Happening Week of 2-13-23

Skill of the Week is Strength and Determination Tuesday is Valentine’s Day! Wear something RED to class and show the love! President’s Week Happenings ~All TKD Classes happening as scheduled. No regular Cyclones classes.

~ACROBATIX WORKSHOP- sign up by 2/15 Date: Wednesday 2/22 Time: 12:15- 2:45PM Cost: $75 Open to all ages 6-12 years. Bring a healthy lunch! Click here for details: ~MARTIAL ARTS FUN- sign up by 2/15 Date: Thursday 2/23 Time: 12:15- 2:45PM Cost: $75 Open to all ages 6-12 years. Bring a healthy lunch! Sign up by 2/15! Click here for details: Deadline to sign up is Wednesday 2/15. We need a minimum of 8 participants to run each workshop, so if you are interested, let us know by Wednesday.

UPCOMING EVENT- SPARRING SEMINAR!! Save the date for this special Sparring Seminar at Blue Moon with guest teacher, Master Christian Suh, National Champion and International Medalist.

This intensive 2-hour training event will be on Sunday, April 2, 2023.

For Green belts and up. Sparring equipment required.

Happy Birthday wishes to: Yoomi A., Tommy C., Grayson L., Max W., Adela L., Audrey H., Cadence C., Eli P., Ariana A., Bryce G.

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