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What's Happening Week of 10/25

What’s Happening Week of 10/25

Skill of the Week is Poomsae and Discipline

NEW FRIDAY TORNADO CLASS Since our Friday classes are at capacity, we have added a 5:30-6:15PM Tornado (white-hi orange belts). If you are interested in joining or switching to this class time, please let us know!

HALLOWEEN There is still space for our Halloween Celebrations on Sunday 10/31 at 10 am or 11:30am. We will have a lot of fun, compete for best costume and take home treats! RSVP is a must!!

2021 Champion of Life Recipient We are excited to be presenting our annual Champion of Life award to Charlotte Moore. She will be honored at the 11:30AM Halloween gathering. Congratulations Charlotte!!

Things to do 11/4 and 11/11! Get off your I-devices and join us for:

~Open Acrobatics Classes (for ages 6+) If you would like to try our acrobatics class, we will be making open spots available to all for the 11/4 and 11/11 classes at 3:15, 4:15, 5:15 or 6:15. If you would like to join a class, please email us with the date(s) and your 1st and 2nd time choices. We will do our best to accommodate your request as soon as we know the availability. Cost: $40.

~Veteran’s Day Martial Arts MePowerment Workshop We’ve looking forward to our first school holiday workshop! Join us on Monday 11/11 from 12:00-2:30PM for weapons, self-defense, board breaking, Capoeira, games and kicking competition! We are excited to have Instructor Galo coming to introduce Capoeira (an Afro-Brazilian martial art form) to us. This event is open to anyone ages 6-14 years, so tell your friends too! Please don't wait to sign up. Space is limited for Covid safety. Cost: $65.

Uniforms Please resume coming to class in your regular uniform starting 11/2. Reminder to wear white or black t-shirt underneath and no hanging pants below uniform. If you need a new uniform, we finally have some stock available again.

Keeping up with COVID Masks are still required while inside the dojang. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion and practice outside the dojang, we thank you for continuing to support our position.

Happy Birthday wishes to Ava P., Olivia K., Skylar J.!

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