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What's Happening Week of 10-24-22

Skill of the Week is Strength and Determination.

Monday 10/24 Drop in Acrobatics! It’s not too late to join the Drop in Acrobatix class at 4:15PM. For ages 6-14 years. Open to all , so bring a friend! Just send an email to save your spot.

Click here for more details:

Halloween Party! Get your costume ready, pick a treat to bring and add your name to the sign up sheet posted so we can get a head count. Our party of the ear is this Saturday 6:00-7:30 PM. Food, games, prizes and awards! See you there, if you dare!

Unity Day/ Bully Prevention Month "BE KIND!" On Unity Day, we had short discussions in class about the significance of Unity Day and importance of being kind even to those we don’t know every day. Throughout the rest of the week (and through this coming week) our Tornado, Hurricane and Cyclone students have been/will be taking a short quiz that includes real ways to be an Upstander and steps take smart and safe action against bullying behaviors in different situations.

FOR OUR GROWNUPS! We are excited to be offering a Self Defense 4 week series for adults on Thursdays at 1PM starting 11/17. The course will be led by Master Steven

Throughout the year, we will be offering other sessions (evenings and weekends) so more people might have the opportunity to attend.

Everyone should be familiar and ready to execute basic self defense skills.

If you would like to join, please let us know! Click here for more details:

TKD Uniform Reminder Back to your regular uniform or hoodie if it’s cold. Thank you!!

Happy Birthday wishes to Lily M., Zeddicus C. ,Ava P., Leela R.

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