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What's Happening Week of 10/18

Skill of the Week is Weapons and MePowerment

Congratulations to our champions who promoted on Saturday - Xavier T., Marina H., Zachary B., Matteo D., Aaron H., Ava P., Lenox B., Rexin J., Maximus V., Paxin J., Lucas C., Charlie D., Daniel C., Ethan A., Isabel D., and Jayden D.

NEW FRIDAY TORNADO CLASS Since our Friday classes are at capacity, we are adding another 5:30-6:15PM Tornado (white-hi orange class) starting 10/22. If you are interested in joining or switching to this class time, please let us know!

UPCOMING EVENTS Our Halloween Celebration and Costume Contest is on Sunday October 31st. Please join us from 10-11AM or 11:30-12:30PM with your family for fun games, costume contest and treats to go! If you would like to come, please sign up at the dojang or email us with the time & number of people. Space is limited so reservations a must.

Veteran’s Day Martial Arts MePowerment Workshop We’ve looking forward to our first school holiday workshop! Monday 11/11 from 12:00-2:30PM. Take a break from the i-devices and participate in an afternoon of learning and fun with weapons, self-defense, board breaking, Capoeira, games and kicking competition! We are excited to have Instructor Galo coming to introduce Capoeira (a wonderful

Afro-Brazilian martial art form) to us. This event is open to anyone ages 6-14 years, so tell your friends too! Please don't wait to sign up. Space is limited for Covid safety. Cost: $65

Keeping up with COVID Recently, there have been a few positive Covid cases amongst our students. We have and will continue to notify all students who were in their classes. There is no quarantine requirement, per the CDC guidelines, since you were not in close contact (exposure less than six feet for a total of 15 minutes).| *For more information: In the meantime, we ask everyone to diligently following our Covid safety steps- masks, temperature checks and hand sanitizing. Please do not come to class if you have symptoms or if you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or is awaiting a test result.

UNIFORMS TKD- Since the weather keeps fluctuating, we will be transitioning back to our regular white uniforms between now and 10/31. If you need a new uniform, please see the front desk. ACROBATIX- the top part of your training attire is in! Everyone will be receiving their training shirt this week. We hope to have your performance leggings in by next week. Thanks for your patience.

WELCOME Please welcome our new support team members- Michael Silva, Bryan Huie and Jerry Vivierto. They are here to help you in any way on and off the mat.

Happy Birthday wishes to Ethan A., Cooper D., Master Moon, Alex M., Ethan T., Zeddicus C.!

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