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What's Happening Week of 1/31/22

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the Year of the Water Tiger.

Skill of the Week is Poomsae and Discipline.

Next Promotion Test is Sunday February 13th. Candidates have been notified to save the date.

Students who are deemed ready will receive their test time and all the details by next Monday. The review class is 6:30PM. It is just a review, so please don’t miss your classes.

Upcoming February events

Valentine’s Day- Students may wear a red or pink top or accessory to class with their uniform bottoms and belt.

President’s Week Happenings

Monday 2/21- Open Acrobatics classes for anyone ages 6-12 years. You can sign up for a sport at 3:15, 4:15 or 5:15 PM. Cost $40. Current Cyclones $30. Limited spots (NO SESSION ACROBATICS CLASSES)

Tuesday 2/22- Martial Arts Workshop 12:15-2:45 $65. Limited spots

Wednesday 2/23- Acrobatics Workshop 12:45-2:45 $65. Limited spots (NO DEMO TEAM PRACTICE)

Thursday 2/24- Modified TKD class schedule- to be confirmed (NO DEMO CORE TEAM PRACTICE)

Friday 2/25- Modified TKD class schedule- to be confirmed

Keeping Up with Covid

BRRR it’s been cold but the numbers have also gone down!

Spectators will be invited inside again. Reminder that everyone must be masked at all times.

When the kids are dismissed, we ask that you wait for your champion outside, so we can cap the number of people in the front area at one time.

THANK YOU for all the understanding and cooperation throughout the winter.

Happy Birthday wishes to Cody, Cara and Flint!

See you on the mat.

Thank you!

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