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What's Happening Week of 1/24/22

Skill of the Week is Agility and Focus

Martial Arts Workshop Thanks to all who participated in the MLK Day Martial Arts Workshop. We had a wonderful turnout which made all our activities even more fun and engaging! Congratulations to our medal winners!

Which bring us to...February Break If you have any interested in either our Acrobatics Mini Camp (4 half days) or Martial Arts Workshop during the vacation week, please let us know so we can plan accordingly.

We will have regularly scheduled TKD, as well as, optional open Acrobatics classes that week.

IMPORTANT Reminders 1, Safe Dismissal We do not allow your child to leave without a parent or authorized grownup at the door. We make every effort to enforce and keep watch over them at dismissal time, but please remind them to wait at the window and NOT outside. If you are running late, please give us a call (883-2800) so we can specifically make sure they are aware and know to remain inside.

2, Don’t miss class. Join on ZOOM. Monday 2:45PM Thunder and Rising Tornado (Tornado OK) #837 2528 9506 Passcode champions Wednesday 5:15PM Tornado and Hurricane #831 7620 8105 Passcode champions Thursday 7:15PM Teen and Adult (Hurricane OK) #851 1677 8268 Passcode champions

Cyclones Acrobatix Monday Session II begins 1/31!

New MONDAY students- Please be sure to stop by this week to pick up your new training uniform!

Keeping up with Covid. Thank you for responding proactively to our keep-safe practices with proper fitting masks and no spectators inside.

Everyone must be masked when dropping off and/or picking up your child.

***Children under 2 years or anyone who cannot wear a mask should not come inside the dojang. I have personally heard from my pediatrician daughter about many cases of seriously sick babies in the hospital from Covid.

Kindly do not give us a hard time when asked to wait in your car. This is for the health safety of everyone and we appreciate your cooperation!

Happy Birthday wishes to Zander S.

See you on the mat!


Master Helen

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