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What's Happening Week of 1-23-23

Skill of the Week is Weapons and MePowerment.

Happy Lunar New Year! It is the Year of the Rabbit. We will be sharing a little gift this week so don’t miss your class!

Congratulations to our champions who promoted this weekend. Awesome effort by all!!

Group 1: Luca G., Preston K., Chase S., Will S., Olivia L., Giulia M., George L., Benjamin C., Matthew K.

Group 2: Matteo D., Nate L., Aaron Z., Brooke L., Alex H., Sofia S., Mia G., Elliot G. Kate G

Group 3: Allison L., Jamie B., Xavier D.

Make up test is on Thursday 1/26.

Sparring students:

Reminder that you should mold your mouth guard and wear it when sparring. If you need a replacement, please see Master Helen.

TKD Uniform Reminder Layer tops -white or black only.

Layer bottoms should not be bulky, restrict movement or hang below your uniform pant hem.

Cyclones Acrobatics

Thursday session has ended. Monday classes end on 2/6/23.

Session II for returning and new students will begin on Monday Feb 13th and

Thursday Feb 2nd.

SAVE THE DATE for your Year End Showcase on Sunday June 11, 2023. See your emails for ongoing details.


Please let us know!

We are in the planning stages for special activities those of you who will be in town and looking for fun things to do during winter break

To help with the scheduling, please let us know if you would be interested in participating in any of these events: TKD WORKSHOP, ACROBATICS WORKSHOP, BM GAMES DAY.

They would be 2-3 hours and open to anyone ages 6-12years. Thank you for your input.

Happy Birthday wishes to: Evan C., Ethan A., Peter P., Sienna M., Neri E.

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