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What's Happening Week of 12-5-22

Skill of the Week is Agility and Focus

Winter Training Attire Brrrr! It’s getting chilly outside.

Students may wear their school hoodies over or in place of their uniform top. If you need/want a hoodie, please ask at the front desk. This is optional.

Although barefoot is still best and safest, if you prefer to wear foot covering on the mat, we recommend Mooto Korea Taekwondo Marshoes in Navy available on Amazon. (Regular socks are too slippery and grip socks can be too “grippy”).

Lost and Found Please take a moment to look those the forgotten items that have been left behind before they are donated or discarded.

Acrobatics- Session II Priority registration for current Cyclones has ended. If you have not yet confirmed your spot for Session ll, please email us right away as those places will be made available to the kids on our waitlist.

Attention TKD students (ages 6 and up)- if you would like to join the acrobatics program, please let us know by 12/15. The acrobatics program is a great supplement to your TKD training. As current members, you have priority on the waitlist for any available spots. If you have any questions, please ask me or Coach Natalie.

Promotion Test The next test is Saturday December 10th. If you are a candidate, please respond with your parents’ black stripe approval which will be sent out later today and be sure to attend all your classes. The optional review class has been rescheduled for Thursday, 12/10 at 6:15PM- no sign up required- just come.

Holiday Schedule We will be closed Saturday 12/4-1/1 2023. Classes resume Monday 1/2.

TKD Makeups If you would like to schedule advance makeups, please book your class(es) starting Sunday of the week you would like to come for it/them. If you have booking issues, please send us a quick email, so we can take care of it. Otherwise, your makeup class will be on your account for 3 months.

Lost and Found Please take a moment to look those the forgotten items that have been left behind before they are donated or discarded.

Happy Birthday wishes to Paige S., Dr. Bill, Annalee B., Isabel D. and Instructor Derrick!

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