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What's Happening Week of 10-31-22

Skill of the Week is (No Contact) Sparring Skills and Drills

HAPPY HALLOWE’EN! We will have regularly scheduled TKD classes but there are NO ACROBATIX classes today. Students who are attending class may come in their costume!!

THE PARTY! Thank you for the amazing turn out for our Hallowe'en Gala and for your generous contributions to our pot luck dinner. We were really impressed with the fantastic parade of costumes which made it very difficult to pick this year’s winners!

Congratulations to Jamie Busching, this year’s Champion of Life Award recipient and to Ms. Jin Hui Jiang (Ethan and Eva’s mother), our first Parent Appreciation Award recipient.

It was wonderful to celebrate, not just Hallowe'en, but another year of growing, sharing and becoming together. None of this happens without my incredible staff, Miss Soojin who keeps the behind the scenes going seamlessly and, of course, ALL of you! We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Uniform Reminders TKD students- Please come to class in your regular uniform (or hoodie, if it’s cold). Layering shirts should be white or black. If you are wearing bottoms underneath your uniform pants (which we don't recommend), they should not be bunching or hanging down. Long hair should be secured back. For safety, no jewelry or watches should be worn in class.

CYCLONES- Please come to class in your uniform top and leggings. If you do not have a uniform or need an extra top and/or bottom, please ask at the front desk. Long hair should be secured back. For safety, no jewelry or watches should be worn in class.

Upcoming Events

SELF DEFENSE for Adults- Afternoon Series We are excited to be offering a Self Defense 4 week series for adults on Thursdays at 1PM. The dates are 11/17, 11/21, 12/8, 12/15. The course will be led by the One and Only Master Steven!

Everyone should be familiar and ready to execute basic self-defense skills.

If you'd like to join, please let us know!

Black Belt Promotion Test We are excited for the Black Belt Promotion test on Sunday. November 20th. We are very proud of our candidates who are preparing to test for 1st and 2nd degree black belts. They who have dedicated themselves to their training for several years to get to this point in their martial arts journey and are working diligently to be ready for this momentous occasion! Good luck to Michael, Audrey, Corinne, Bill, Dan , Charlotte, Jayden, Alex and Tessa!

Thanksgiving Holiday We will be closed Thursday 11/24- Saturday 11/26. If you are scheduled for classes on those days and would like to come for a make up in advance (ie on 11/8, 11/10, 11/11), please send an email to Master Mack, and he will put you in the appropriate class. Otherwise, you can also come in after the break.

Happy Birthday wishes to Cole R., Theo L., Alex H., Kyla M.

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