Update Re: Masks on the Mat

Dear Champions and Families

In response to the mask mandate ending in the schools today, we have made a decision to be “late to the party” and will start optional masks on the mat starting on Monday March 14th.

We know this will not be agreeable to everyone, but for our TKD community as a whole, we have considered factors that affect our wellbeing and are unique to our dojang vs the school setting.

Specifically, in addition to probable increases in cases following the winter break, our classes are not designed to maintain the social distancing precaution of 3 feet as specified in the schools.

With everyone’s cooperation over the last two years, we have made it this far without any notable incidents! This is a huge accomplishment that is only so because we collectively did what was necessary through every phase of this pandemic.

Thank you once again for your cooperation.

We will see you on the mat!!!

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